Every interaction a transaction.

Every ill a disease.

Every time you stand in line and learn to wait or fall behind.

Every answer to every question.

Every man a beast.

Every word a lie.

Every consensus real.

Every dream a figment.

Every idea a threat.

Every part a part of the plan.

Every time.

Every time.

Every room 4 walls of a cage.

Every norm simply a stage.

Every buck gets a whip.

Every every every time.


Guided By Voices: Let’s Go Eat The Factory

So the cat’s out of the bag.  Rumors have been circulating around Dayton for a while now, but today it’s official:  Guided By Voices has recorded a new album.  It’s set for release on New Year’s Day, 2012 – the first day of the last year of the end of the world.  Forget the studio gloss of GBV’s later years and incarnations, Let’s Go Eat The Factory was mostly recorded using the same 4-track process that made the band’s early recordings so endearing and enduring.  GBV’s return to form comes after a fervent year of touring the festival circuit with the so-called “classic lineup.”  The album has 21 songs, a lot for most bands, somewhat humble for GBV.  No word yet on whether Pollard & Co. will tour in support of this record, but hopes remain high that our beloved GBV might take the stage again.  The club is officially, resoundingly,  still open.

One Shot

So you’ve had a couple.

More than a few.

You’re not quite tuned up.

You’re tuned up.

You want a shot, say

“hey, gimme a shot.”

They hide it, see.

They lie to you see.

Then when you figure out it’s a lie.

They shatter it for you.

For you to see.

Right in front of you.

All that blood and gore.

All that alcohol.

Spilled in the street.

Shards of glass glistening.

In heat.

You’re alone again.

Solitude bliss.

They walk away again.

You’re not missed.


Your life is a balance.

Don’t fuck with your balance.

Your balance always comes due.

You owe them your balance.

The balance is you.

They give you your balance.

And you give it back.

The balance is balanced.

On the work of your back.

To dance you need balance.

To socialize.

To computerize.




You don’t own your balance.

It chases you.

Eats you alive.

Your balance.

Is you.


The Box

Hello Hamster.

Welcome to the New Box.

After you finish sucking the tit.

It’s time for Smart Box.

Here you will learn all about the various boxes.

Which to go in.

Which to go out.

When to go in.

When to go out.

So that someday.

You might get your own box.


You will have your own box.

On the condition you take the well-worn path.


To the running-boxes.

Where you find your wheel.

And run all day so you can get the little paper boxes.

Then, like a good hamster, you should hit the big box for some food.

In exchange for your paper boxes.

Return home to your very own box.

And watch The Glow Box until you fall asleep.

If you are not happy.

Go see Priest Hamster, at the Medical Box.

He will give you the happy snacks.

Those will make you happy in your box.

If you don’t like happy snacks.

Try the happy water, at the drinking box.

Though we do not encourage this sort of behavior.

You hamsters seem to like it so much we couldn’t resist.

All the paper boxes you give us for the happy water.

Just one thing.

Don’t ever make the happy water yourself.

And never smoke, eat, grow, buy, sell, or think about the happy grass.

We hate the happy grass.

Welcome to the New Box.

Goodbye Hamster.